A downloadable game for Windows

Quad Core is a puzzle platformer focused on shooting enemies to jump, teleport, and maneuver throughout the level. The player’s performance is reflected by the star system. A total of three stars can be amassed per level, each rewarded for meeting certain requirements: Completing the level within the par time, finding/destroying all the gems within the level, and using the exact amount of shots required to beat the level.
Stars could then be used to gain upgrades for the next level (could not be implemented due to time constraints). These upgrades can only be used once per level allowing the player to gain a single helping hand. Spending one star would grant the player a shield which would absorb one attack, spending two stars would grant a higher jump along with a slower descent allowing for easier traversal, and spending three stars would grant the ability to slow down time for precision.

How our submission matches the theme
Quad Core’s main shooting mechanic serves multiple purposes, allowing one to eliminate enemies while gaining mobility at the same time. Shooting enemies to traverse the level can be described as, “killing two bird with one stone.” It opens up the room for interesting puzzle elements working in tangent with twitchy shooter styles, all of which is born from a single game mechanic.

Intended platform

Resources used
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
FL Studio
Visual Studio 2015

Programming: Brandon Belcher
Music/Sound Effects, Level Design, Rigging & Animation: Nicholas Johnson
3D Art & Texturing: Filip Preradovic & Ryan Deleon

Moving Left: A
Moving Right: D
Firing weapon: LFT Mouse Button

Install instructions

Download and extract zip file. Make sure the executable and data folder are in the same folder. Run executable


QuadCore.zip 35 MB